If I've built a steel frame instead of concrete base do I need to install a pad?

Hello Matt,

Thank you so much for all the great content on these forms. I do have sonotubes in place however, I am wondering about the need to pour a pad.

The reason I’m wondering is because instead of a block base, I have welded up 3 inch tube steel to create a structural metal base onto which the oven will sit. The legs of the 3 inch tube steel line up perfectly with the tops of the sonotubes.

Would you advise still pouring a Concrete pad and tying the rebar into pad as explained in the supplemental instructions? I’m not an expert, but it seems overkill. Thought I’d ask first.

Many thanks! Spencer.

Hello Spencer -

Typically when I see / answer questions like this, I put a good amount of time into answering the question, and then I get an “Oh, that’s not quite what I meant” reply.

So, I’m going to respectfully request that you submit a sketch drawing (the back of a Dunkin’ napkin is just fine), but something that tells the left side of my brain exactly how I need to reply.



Hey Spencer, good to see you here again.

I’m with Kevin @BrickWood on this one. I think I understand what you’ve done and are planning, but need some kind of visual reference. Since you have already welded up the oven base, it might be good to share a photo of it here as well.

My restless mind is picturing one thing, but better to see what you’ve actually done so far—which sounds intriguing.


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Hello Kevin and Matt,

Thank you kindly for both of your replies! This site and the quality of information is exceptional thanks to you.

I’d also called a concrete engineer friend who advised that if I were going to only use tubes, it would be best if they were 10” or 12”. For ultimate stability I made the decision to both pour the four 8” sonotubes, tie the rebar into the rebar in the pad, and pour the pad on top — just as your supplemental instructions illustrated. It’s not going to move!

Thank you for your insights. BTW if you wish to delete my original post and your reply to keep this chain short, I won’t be concerned. Thank you! Once I get done I’ll post before and after photos. Thanks, Spencer

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@Spencer_MT Spencer, that sounds like a good decision to me. I especially like the part about “it’s not going to move”!

I’d prefer to leave this post in place, though I’ve moved it to a new thread. Every time we get a post about a new variation on building the kits, we learn from the answers. Someone else who may have had a thought similar to yours will benefit from our discussion.

Your build is quite intriguing, and because you’re proceeding with some care and thoughtful advice along the way, I’m even more eager now to see your before and after photos. Good luck with your build!

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