Installing the Chimney

I’m installing the chimney on Monday. I see the cuts necessary for the interior in the plans. Is there a better description of diagram to accomadate the brick to fit the arch of the oven as I look at the exterior. It almost looks like the brick has to be cut concave to lay properly on the top?

Dave LaCroix

You have two ways to accomplish this. The per-plans way is as you describe, though the concave cut is not as severe as it appears in the CAD rendering. The other way is to lay heat resistant mortar in under the “side” course to make a consistent flat bed. Make sure your mortar is about ⅜ inch at the apex of the arch, and then make the layer thicker as you go “down” the arch.

This work will be hidden by the veneer, except of course at the front, and it’s unlikely that your mortar will be layered as much as an inch thick.

Hope this helps, Dave, and good luck!

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