Insulated blanket

Hey there. Have a question. I received my two insulated blankets yesterday. Was eager to get the build going so wrapped the oven and ran out of light. I tarpped the oven but we received lots of rain last night and all day today. The blanket got damp. Not soaked but damp. It’s kind of been like that here in Chicago. Either rain or unbearable heat.

So my question is… Will I have future complications?
One, will the stucco adhere?
Two, will I have problems curing the oven?

Was planning on putting the stucco mesh and stucco this weekend. Any advice or past expierence would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Pete,

If the blanket is just damp, and not soaked, in my opinion you’ll be fine. You’re overlaying it with wet stucco, which will absorb any underlying moisture it can get in the process of curing.

If it’s really wet, you’ll have to wait until it dries out. It’s ceramic, so it is not going to retain the moisture. But you don’t want to seal a really sopping load of moisture between the fire brick and the stucco. Again in my opinion, you’d have problems when you fire up your oven and get the liner thoroughly heat-soaked. The steam (under pressure, to boot!) would do its best to escape. In all likelihood it would find the weakest point in your construction and start tunneling out from that point.

If you don’t have access to a canopy, use a large tarp and make air space under it with poles or boards to allow circulation and speed drying.

My thoughts were the same. Thank you. I did put the tarp on it loosely and I do have a canopy. It’s cheap so if it’s windy it has to be taken down. Hopefully we can get the stucco on it this weekend and the second layer this next week.

Thanks again.

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