Insulating brickwood door?

We did our first pizza experiments yesterday - 3 good ones, 3 only fit for kids, and 3 incinerated. Not bad! But I’m wondering now about holding heat in for the next day. Has anyone tried adding insulation to the door that comes with the kit? It feels like it’s just conducting heat right out the front all night (we didn’t close off the front, btw, so am hoping to be able to conserve heat through the door).

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You should check out the thread on custom
Built pizza oven doors. They did some really nice work.

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Congrats on your first pizza experiments! Bodes well for your production bakes. :slight_smile:

You can add a rope gasket around the door (the same kind that is used for wood stoves). I know Rutland makes kits for that purpose, and it might help a bit.

As Johnny @Jcfresh says, there are custom door builds detailed in other threads, and those are really something to behold.

But closing off the front is a much more efficient way to retain heat. There are trade offs, of course, especially if you value the option to move larger pans and foods into the oven.

But short of fabricating a door with a custom frame and hinge, you need to have a “header” to keep heat from pouring out unimpeded from the top of the oven. Closing off the front interrupts and refracts the heat energy in that area. The door at that point just keeps cold air from flowing in. It will heat up itself, but you won’t have heat convecting out on air currents.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your “real” bakes!