Insulation blanket across the back — why one layer?

Why is only one layer of insulation blanket required on the back. It’s recommended if you live in a cold climate to do multiple layers. I wanted to do 3 to 4 layers because we live in Chicago. We have only two seasons here. Winter and road construction.

It’s all about where your insulation will do the most good. Heat rises. Your oven doesn’t need as much insulation on the back as it does over the top of the barrel. (You could add more; but it wouldn’t add much insulative value compared to the top.)

So if you double-insulate, you’ll end up with four layers instead of two on top, and two layers instead of one on the back. In Connecticut that’s how I’m handling it as well. I’m only doing this once, so I want to have the best insulated oven I can manage, the first (and only) time I build it.

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Thanks for the information. That’s what i was thinking. If I’m going to get two rolls installation I might as well do a double layer on the back.

Thanks again. I’m almost there. Unfortunately I can only work on it one day a week.

You’ll get there, Pete! Those intervals allow each stage of your project to cure completely and you’ll have a very strong build when it’s done. (That’s what I tell myself about my own oven, anyway! :blush: )

Thanks for the encouragement. Looking forward to it.