Just finished building Mattone Cupola - Floor prep question

Hello everyone!

I just finished building my 36" Mattone Cupola and am starting the curing process.

I had a question on preparing the cooking surface. I remember seeing in a PDF instructions on using a whole bag of flour to fill in all the small spaces between the fire bricks and then lighting several fires to bake it in, but I can’t find any reference to that right now and am curious as to how to fill in the small gaps between the fire bricks.

Should I do the slow curing process by lighting a small fire every day and then once finished with that dump a whole bag of flour in there to fill in the spaces between the bricks?

Thanks in advance.

Ditch the flour.

I took those out of the instructions - The ash from the curing fires is going to fill those loose joints and after the final / 6th curing fire, tap those hearth firebrick w/ a rubber mallet and lock them all into place. But make sure the fire is out first! Only do this once the oven has cooled down.

That ash will become rock hard in no time!

Awesome. Thanks for the fast and informative reply.

I’ll be sending some pics of the build to you soon as well!

I installed 12x12 black granite tiles on mine. Looks great (better than brick by far) and prevents the grout washout you’re speaking of.

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