Keeping Brick Veneer Wet When Installing

Now that I am in the process of adding thin brick veneer to my oven I wanted to share a reminder of how important it is to spray the brick (and mist the oven shell) with water before mortaring them. I started installing them and forgot to wet them and couldn’t believe how quickly the thin bricks pulled moisture from the mortar and made them hard to set. I guess it had been a little while since I finished installing the firebricks and had forgotten the about the importance of wetting the bricks, even thin bricks.

I just finished bricking the back of the oven, onto the front then a lot of grouting to do. :slightly_smiling_face:


Your oven looks great! I just finished building my base!


Thanks Rob! Each milestone completed is a great feeling. Good luck with the next stage and please share pictures as you continue with your build.

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