LaCroix Family Finished Oven

Shout out to everyone that is under construction building their oven. Lots of work and bigger payoff in the long run. I’ve included a few pics of my oven in action. I chose this design so that I could do more than just pizza. I had so much fun playing with concrete I decided to make the pizza bench you see out of concrete and beach glass, check out the pics. Best of luck to everyone presently under construction. Also big shout out to Matt for talking me down off the ledge during my build…Thank you again Matt!

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What a beautiful outcome, Dave! The quality of your design (including that custom slab and the bench!) is just outstanding.

It was really fun for me talking through this build with you. You were thoughtful in carrying out your vision and it shows in every little detail. You and your family will enjoy the fruits of this project for years to come.

Be sure to stop by here from time to time. I always enjoy seeing each culinary creation that our community comes up with. I’m raising a virtual glass myself to that first photo!

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