Leftover Hydrated Lime

I finally finished the firebrick work on my oven. I was careful to use the 3:1:1:1 ratio for the high temperature mortar mix. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t even use all of the first 50 lb bag of hydrated lime. I used high temperature mortar for all brick work (hearth frame and firebricks).

The instructions call for two 50 lb bags of hydrated lime so I am just curious if others had the same result.

Thanks very much.

You may have been way under the allowance that is built into the materials list. I know that @BrickWood put together that list knowing some builders would be economical with their materials, some would be middle of the road, and quite a few would need a couple of “do-overs” to get the job done.

I hope you are in a position to return the unopened second bag; if not, there may be other projects surrounding your new oven!


In the field, you can expect a 5% - 8% shortage due to broken bags, broken bricks, unintentional circumstances, etc… Like your high-temp mortar drying too quickly while in the mixing bucket.

Every time we got a “I ran out off Product A”… or “You didn’t recommend enough of Product B” email or phone call, we made sure we adjusted the Materials Lists accordingly (and not having ENOUGH material is a huge pain in the butt - which resulted in few nasty emails from customers that had to return to a store to get more product to finish their ovens).

So yes - there might be a little more leftover material when you are done - but most of those materials are inexpensive. In fact, I wouldn’t even bother returning them to the store (as they charge a restock fee - after you lugged it back into your truck… then into a shopping buggy… then waited in line at the return desk)…

Instead - simply put the product on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and let customers come to you.

Once you have an interested party, simply give them your address, let them know what you are asking for the product (make sure you say “Prices are Firm” to avoid unnecessary bartering) and let them come to you (and lift / carry it away). Heck - half the time I put products on Cragislist, I tell them I won’t even be there, so please put the money in an envelope and put it under the front door mat or crack the window in your car or truck and ask them to slide it inside.

All my years of this type of honor system have resulted in payment - NOT ONE person has neglected to pay.

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Thanks very much for taking the time to explain. I am lucky in that my masonry supplier will refund bagged items (mortar, concrete mix, lime), but agree hauling stuff back can be a pain given the relative cost of the materials.

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