Licensed Bonded and Insured - Landscape Contractors and Masons

When you want something built right, you have to do it yourself – or hire an experienced contractor or mason! Having spent too many years in the landscape industry, I can tell you this – there are GREAT masons & landscape contractors, and there are some awful masons & contractors who have earned themselves a special spot in hell!

FIRST AND FOREMOST – Make sure EVERY contractor that you speak with is LICENSED, BONDED AND INSURED before they ever set foot on your property! Most contractors can email you a PDF of their current documents to show you they are in good standing with the state and with their insurance company or provide you with paper copies when they come to your location to provide a quote. REQUEST / REQUIRE A PDF or PAPER COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS. If you hire a contractor WITHOUT these certifications and they get hurt on your property, they may (and have been known) to sue the homeowner(s). Retain a copy of each document (paper or PDF).

SECOND – If your contractor / mason is picking up the materials, the MOST IMPORTANT material you need to verify is the 385lbs of Castable Refractory BEFORE they mix and pour the hearth slab. Visually inspect each bag to verify that it is CASTABLE REFRACTORY – not concrete mix or another type of material. If any material other than High-Temperature Castable Refractory is used, it will fail… GUARANTEED! Castable refractory is NOT sold at Big Box or local hardware stores – ONLY at CASTABLE REFRACTORY MANUFACTURERS and DEALERS.

THIRD - Do not let your Contractor or Mason divate from our Installation Instructions or Required Materials Lists while building your BrickWood Ovens project. By following the instructions, your contractor is provided with the knowledge to build a pizza oven, BBQ, smoker or other BrickWood Ovens product from locally sourced masonry materials. The exterior of your BrickWood Ovens product is up to you

FORTH – Visit our AUTHORIZED BRICKWOOD CONTRACTORS page for a list of experienced and reputable Landscape Contractors and Masons in your area. THE PAGE IS FOR REFERENCE ONLY and BrickWood Ovens LLC is not responsible for any work performed by the contractor of your choosing.