Locating Standard Size Brick

I have been trying to locate standard size brick and it is a discontinued size. No one in the Dallas Fort Worth area carries it. Where can it be located and should the plans be changed to work with a current brick size.

Thanks for any help on this.

Standard size brick is one of the most common brick sizes - (8" x 3 5/8" x 2 1/4"), but you can also use Modular, Oversize Modular, Oversize Standard, Queensize, Engineer and Closure just to name a few.

When shopping for your edge brick, just make sure that the width (which will be the height when mortared vertically), is around 3.5" - 4". That’s all… nothing special.

So find a nice brick that you like (try to stay away from the Big Box stores as they have a very limited selection). In fact, visit your local Mom & Pop masonry supply as they typically have the best selections -

Visit this link to locate your local materials dealer - America's Largest Landscape Supply and Masonry Supply Store Locator – BrickWood Ovens

If you use a small brick size though (7 and 5/8) won’t that mean that the cooking surface or the firebrick is not completely covered by the oven? or is that difference negligible? I understand that the cooking surface or firebrick will take up more space but wasn’t sure it would end up sticking out on the sides…thanks!

If the brick is 7" and larger, the blanket and stucco will cover the firebrick.

If less than 7", it’s going to be close (you might want an extra layer of 1" blanket)…

But at 6" - you will most likely see firebrick protruding on the sides of the oven.

Hey thanks for the reply! Follow up question…if modular size brick is used (7 5/8) does the oven still sit on the modular brick enough to have good support? Just wasn’t sure if it’s going to only sit on the non mortared fire brick