Looking for a Tuscan grill

Having trouble finding a cast-iron or stainless steel Tuscan Grill. My oven opening is 22 “

imho: Steven Raichlen cast iron Tuscan grill. Although I don’t know if they make them anymore as they seem to be harder to find online and then pretty expensive

Yep, I have found them on several sites but when I visit the site it always says “out of stock, sign up for an email to be notified if they come back in stock.”

Hi Billy, and welcome to the BrickWood forums.

I wish I had bought one last winter, when they were plentiful. The Raichlen grill seems to be no more.

All you are really looking for is a grid with legs that get it up about 10 inches off the flame. Amazon has a couple of campfire grills that would do that.

I think in fact if you search for the raichlen grill on amazon that those will come up as suggestions.

Thanks for the input. I have done Amazon search and found a couple that would work but kind of had my heart set on a cast iron one . I am not in too big of a hurry. I’m still building my oven. I saw one on chicagobrick.com I believe it was but when I went to the site it says out of stock…

I did a little more searching and ended up on Steven Raichlen’s website. His forum noted that his product line was impacted by the COVID shutdown and he hopes the manufacturer will be back in production soon so it looks like waiting is the proper strategy.

I know what you mean about the cast iron, it’s simple, sturdy and does the job.

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I may have to visit my local welding fabricator to see if they can make one. Hmmmmm. Maybe they might be interested in marketing them. Food for thought.

Hey, now you’re getting into the BrickWood spirit!

It’s a relatively simple implement that extends the uses for a wood-fired oven.

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I went to Home Depot in the bbq section and found cast iron grill replacement then find stainless 3/8” bolts to make legs with. Works in a pinch.


Well done, Scott!

At some point I’d want the real thing with foldable legs, just for storage reasons, but that would definitely “stand in” for it. :slight_smile:

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Here in the AZ, surprisingly I had a few bricks left over after oven construction. I slid two bricks down each side of my oven (4-1/2 side up) and used a 19" inch grill grate for my cowboy (tuscan) grill. Works purty good!


Clever! (and I see that @Anaelezp has done something similar for their new build).

My spouse has been watching the “Master Class” videos and now wants to know why aren’t we using this “Tuscan grill” in our pizza oven because one of the lecturers demonstrated the beauty of grilling this way. Now I have an answer. :slight_smile: