Looking for examples of Mattone Barile oven built next to main fireplace

Has anyone tried to put these in an outdoor fireplace wall? Trying to put it over one of the wood boxes on the sides of the main fireplace.

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The elements of a Mattone Barile are a well-reinforced, insulated hearth slab and the oven itself. The base on which that oven rests needs to be strong and supportive.

If you follow the BWO instructions, you’ll notice that instructions for base and oven come separately. Following the instructions will teach you how to build a well-drained foundation with optional footings below the frostline, a base slab, and a concrete block U-wall.

But you don’t have to do it that way…you’ll find several examples in our galleries of ovens that were adapted to all kinds of under structures. @Demond and @dlacroix are two quick examples that come to mind for unconventional bases.

That’s a long winded way of saying, yes, if your wood box is well constructed and allows enough space, you can carefully tie an insulated slab in to it and build your oven on it. I chose my words carefully there, because you need both balance and some serious weight-bearing capacity—in the neighborhood of a ton.

WIthout seeing photos, I can’t say specifically whether your wood box would allow this. Would you mind posting one or two pictures here so we have a better idea?

Hoping this will work, and let’s keep talking!

Work in progress.

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