Making some progress here in Wisconsin!

Making some progress here in Wisconsin. Starting the finish coat today, thin brick, and soon will begin the curing process. Weather is getting cold here already droping below 32 at night so I’m tarping and providing heat during during the overnite hours to avoid any issues. I hope to completely finish the oven portion before the snow hits and then finish the base next spring. All depends on the weather. Looking forward to the first pizza!!


Hi John,

Looks like great progress! The trick will be getting to your first fire. Once you start the curing cycle (and remember “LOW AND SLOW”!), the oven will start retaining heat from one day to the next, even though your temperatures are getting down there at night.

Great pictures…thank you! Not too long now. :slight_smile:


Hey JJ,
That is some serious craftsmanship I’m seeing there-looks great. And when you add to that the no less than three other grills I’ve seen in the background of your pics I can guess you’re really going to enjoy that oven. :grinning:

Keep us posted.


Looking good! But I did notice that both your neighbors (either side) are going to be able to see when you fire-up your oven. Better make an extra pizza or two as you’re going to have visitors coming over more often…

Great pictures! Keep 'em coming -

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UPDATE: So Mother Nature has granted us folks here in Wisconsin some summertime weather the last few days. Was able to apply Thin Brick as my outer layer and cut some charcoal patio pavers to trim out the hearth. I colored the mortar, to fill the gaps of the thin brick, to match the charcoal pavers and fill out the front and back radius of the dome. I have also sealed the dome and will be starting my cure soon. I plan to brick out the base while I’m curing the oven and thinking about doing the hearth facing with in wood. I will keep you guys updated as I make progress. Yes the neighbors have already been coming over and can’t wait for pizza. Thank you all for the support!

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So glad for the reprieve, John, and looks like you’ve made good use of it. I second @BrickWood’s warning about the neighbors. They will find it hard to resist the siren call once you fire up and start baking!

Good luck with the finishing touches and your cure.

Another beauty from the Badger State!

You’re in the home stretch and I hope your warm fall stretches long enough for you to finish your oven - but you can at least bake a turkey this year.

Great progress and looking spectacular!

Thanks guys, started bricking the base the last few days however the weather has taken a turn for the worst so currently at a standstill. I have five days of curing in so far with very little hairline fracturing around the base of the chimney and the front where there is stucco, easy fix, other than that no issues at all. Hoping to get in at least a pizza or two yet this season and continue my brick work I’ll keep ya posted. Thanks again for all the support. Cheers!