Minimum Hearth Length - Mattone Barile

My father-In-Law and I are working on constructing our oven based on the “Flagstaff fireplace/oven layout” from backyard flare.

We have come to the step where we need to create the slab that the “MATTONE BARILE” oven will rest on.

Here is our question

The plans for the Mattone Barile call for a slab that is 47" x 56". The Flagstaff slab is 48" x 48". If we follow backyard’s plan and build the 48" x 48" will we have enough room to construct the oven?

We can extend the slab in front to get to 56", but we will be directly under the beam for the pavilion. How much of the front of the slab is used for the Door / Hearth?

Thank you for your help on this, I’ve included some photos below of what we are working on. It has been two years of fun in the backyard.

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I am just finishing up a flagstaff pizza oven on the side of the Cholla fireplace. The oven portion has the 48x48 base with a 56x56 top. I did a Barile Grande oven and have 1/2 brick in the back and a full in the front and sides, had to shorten the Grande a half brick. Not sure if I answered your question, just know it seems to work fine.


Hello CPA and welcome to the Brickwood forum!

That’s a beautiful implementation of the Backyard Flare plans you’ve got going. You and your FIL have had some “bonding moments” in bringing this project to reality, I’m sure.

Because you’re using the Mattone Barile form, you have a slightly smaller oven all around. The base slab is sized for standalone builds, and the hearth slab where your oven sits can overhang the base to some extent.

My opinion is that you are fine as long as the uprights holding the hearth slab are situated on the reinforced base slab.

I really loved that BYF made a do it yourself plan that incorporates BWO’s plan. The BWO designs are meant to be done as standalones by individual builders, and also to be incorporated into larger projects by landscapers and stone masons. BYF takes the idea of that latter intention and puts it in reach of Joe or Jane Homeowner.

I’m sure you’re sharing photos and progress with the Backyard Flare folks, and I hope as you get into this phase that you’ll send further updates and photos here. This is just the kind of project that @BrickWood ‘s owner Kevin loves to see.

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And thank you for the report on your build as well! Even though you have the larger form, it’s a very helpful response. Hope you’ll post again with some pics when you’re done so we can offer you the congrats you will have earned!

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@NG3068 Thank you for your reply. That does make us feel better.

@bikerbudmatt The whole Fireplace & Oven are on a separate footer 10’ x 4’ x 4.5’ deep. The oven supports and Fireplace are separated by expansion joint material and not tied together.

Based on your replies and the reply I got from BWO support. We are going to go with 48 x 48.

Question for you:

What are we doing conceptually as it relates to:

1 - The slab insulation


2 - placement of the foam form from the back edge?

The oven diagram doesn’t call out the dimensions of the foam void. Only to cut three sections. One 27" x 18.8" and Two 8.5" x 27". Does this mean we are making one 35.5" x 27" x 2" Deep? Is this going to roughly be the section that the firebrick floor is laid on?

[Screenshot Below] The Foam Form Placement is 15.5" from the back edge. Does this mean that removing the 8" brick, we are going to place the foam form 7.5" from the back edge? How much space should be accounted for off the back of the form for 2 layers of blanket, stucco and a thin brick veneer?

I apologize for the delay in jumping in on this!!!

@bikerbudmatt is ABSOLUTELY correct - this is a BEAUTIFUL project and you guys are doing an amazing job! I’m looking forward to seeing the pics / videos of the entire project when ya’ll are done.

I see you have a couple of questions - so I want to make sure we get you squared away…

Please click “FAQs & Online Support” on the bottom / left side of our website and provide us with your phone number and I’ll call you to discuss your project. We had to remove our phone number as we received 100’s of phone calls when we first started - and 95% of those just wanted to get free advise while building various backyard projects… and most of those calls were not BrickWood Oven questions or non-pizza oven projects. After receiving a Saturday morning phone call about drainage for an elevated vegetable garden - I knew then, our phone number was being removed from our website.

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