Modified Door Handle

Since I mistreated the original handle I ruffed in a new one.

Hey, Scott, that’s a nice piece of welding! I think that the modified door handle kit is one of those items that has been delayed by the supply chain muck-ups. Glad you found a way!

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Thanks a lot. We do what we have too. So about this supply disruptions what is going on? What things are being disrupted?

@BrickWood himself could speak to this more directly, but I’ve noticed so far that stainless steel for fabrication has been in short supply (and the price has gone through the roof). That affects many of the accessory products that BrickWood manufactures, and he has announced that several items are temporarily out of production until some balance returns to the markets.

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We have a stainless steel door bracket designed - and to have the part made in America would drive-up the cost of each door by $30…

Soooo - I’m looking at having the brackets made in India or China. Currently - I’m discovering the bracket is clbuttified as an oven bracket / component and the tariff on those items are through the roof (since China flooded the US market with less-than-cost oven components). So any cost savings w/ China are gone.

Currently looking into India…

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So is there anyway that these parts can be made here on n USA? There is a local fabrication shop here in Sequim. I am sure the design is easy enough for someone here to make.

TRUST ME… As a former veteran, I’d LOVE to keep ALL of our manufacturing here in the US. About 95% - 98% of our products are made in the US (and 90% of that in rainy Washington state).

But of all the US based companies that are able to CAST our brackets (from FL to WA), the lowest bid was for $18 per s/steel bracket. The casting process is not inexpensive.

If you multiply that x4 brackets… That’s almost $80 in brackets for each door. And $160 in brackets for the BrickWood Box / Smoker kit.

This is one item that we will have to send overseas… And I’m really trying to steer clear of China - so India shows promise.

(Unless you know a guy who knows a guy… :wink: )

Can I see a photo of these brackets? I might know a guy!!!

That looks good. I am sorry for being a pest can I see the application for the part? We have a machinist here that is very clever he might need a little more info.

Great job, especially if you did it on your own.