Modifying the Top

I decided to hold off and start the oven this spring which just gave me more ideas for my design.
I want to do a single pour top that will cantilever out on the front. So rather than 47" X 60" I would something like 47" X 70". I’m liking the layout from the Schlentz Family Oven from the gallery with the rounded front corners. The thickness of the top would need to be greater than 5.5" to compensate for the fire brick inlay and insulated part of the slab under the fire brick.

My question is can I use the Quickrete Countertop mix in this application? The spec. states that its rated for 6000psi after 28 days of cure and I wasn’t sure if that would be adequate? Should I consider a bracket of some sort under that front edge.

I was also planning on using the charcoal color for this pour to accent of the red brick base and dome as well as building a matching concrete top bench.

Thanks…sorry for this long post
Dave LaCroix
Branford , CT

Countertop Concrete Mix is PERFECT!

6000PSI is MORE than enough for structural integrity w/out a support bracket. Obviously, you won’t be walking / standing on the surface, but just make sure you have the appropriate rebar in the front of the slab so any weight applied to the surface of the slab will be evenly distributed.

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