More Than a Pizza Oven!

Once the hearth and walls are heated properly the MBG is a great way to cook more than just pizza! We had a wonderful night at the oven making some shrimp scampi and roasted spaghetti squash…by far the best oven around!


Very nice! I have tried cooking other things as well with success. I like the pans you are using.


Thank you for adding those DELICIOUS pictures! My mouth started watering the second I saw that Shrimp Scampi. It looks SOOOO good!

I just started the pre-holiday diet, but I think some Shrimp Scampi might find it’s way into the oven this weekend…

Thanks for sharing!!!

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Dave, after following your process with keen interest, I can see how the end result reflects your skills as a craftsman! There are many happy bakes (and broils, and roasts, and grills) in your future.

Thanks for the photos, and may you enjoy your new oven for years to come.

Many thanks to both you and Kevin on my build! Matt thank you for your guidance throughout the process.

Many of my friends and family that have seen the oven asked me if I had any previous masonry experience. My reply is something like other than pouring some concrete in a hole and adding water to set a fence post no…no experience.

I’m a retired professional chef have worked in private clubs and restaurants along the CT shoreline for many years and recently retired from my furniture making and antique restoration business. I looked for a design to do more than make pizza, that was critical to me. Building it with my sons was the icing on the cake!

So I’ve fired the oven around ten times now to cook in it. I’ll admit I began to have some doubts on the design during the build with heat retention because of the higher ceiling. With the barrel on the oven being well insulated and almost 10" thick I can say no heat retention issues what so ever. I fire it for around 2 hours before cooking.
We actually sat out for a while the evening of shrimp scampi threw a few more logs on and the oven just radiated heat at us like a fireplace for a lovely evening.

Sorry this note was so long but just wanted to say kudos to Brickwood Ovens for such a great design and Matt for all his help. My family and I are just so pleased with how it came out and how well it performs.

Dave LaCroix