Mortar missing along my new oven's back seam

I just built my over a few months ago (a contractor did it)
On the back inside wall along the perimeter of the inside back wall there is no motor or it fell out. My question is do I need to have him put high temperature mortar in along the perimeter of the back wall where it meets the dome of the over and the side walls of the oven on the inside cooking area?

Hi, Mike, and welcome to the BrickWood forum!

I think I can visualize what you are saying well enough without a photo. The perimeter should have had high temp mortar filling the space, to avoid any possibility of gases or soot working their way into the mineral insulation. Gases wouldn’t be a problem, but soot conceivably could fill up the air spaces in the fiber and reduce its insulative effectiveness just a bit.

I’m presuming your oven has been fired, so you don’t want to try adding more mortar to seal the joints (it will just fall out, and likely add an unwanted crunchiness to your foods).

But it’s still easy to fix this, using a product like the one mentioned in this link.

You will need to crawl into your oven to get into that area, but once you’re there, it’s easy to shoot either of these products into a seam and seal it. They will not cure fully until you fire the oven again, but once they do, the repair should be permanent.

Good luck with your repair, and if you are able to get photos and post them here, that would be great!

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