My hearth is no longer level. How can I fix it?

Hi all,

My cooking surface (hearth) has settled down a little bit in front. It’s no big deal other than not having the same leveled surface from front to back. Its only a issue when I’m using my tuscan grill and sliding it out to check what I’m cooking.

My question ut has anyone else come across this and have corrected it? I’m thinking the repair might be more complicated than dealing with the minor inconvenience. Any thought will be greatly appreciated.

That does sound like an annoyance.

There is one easy method to try that involves nothing more than pulling on an old work shirt. It takes advantage of the fact your brick hearth floats on a sand layer.

Take out your rubber mallet and start tapping (not too hard!) firebrick near the rear of the oven cavity, behind the area toward the front that is dipping. Over time, the leveling sand underneath the brick has shifted in that direction, and tapping will shift it back.

If this does not work, and your hearth is otherwise sound, I’d consider leaving it alone. I rewrote this reply a couple of times because I thought about some more radical fixes. In the end I decided against laying them out because the cure would definitely be worse than the condition.

Hope this helps!

Thanks bikerbudmatt. Your advice is always spot on.