My Mattone Barile Grande Oven is done!

Finished my oven about one month ago Just followed the directions works great. This is my first time posting anything.

![image|666x500](upload://5mZ0poy6ttMVcmJyYGRsYDzZCMv .jpeg)

Hi Gerald, and welcome to the BrickWood forums!

What a beautiful, warm build that is. I love the clean lines and the touches of wood on the slab and below. And how cool is it to have an internal organizing compartment for your wood?

You’ve got many pizzas in your future, and friends to consume them. Well done!

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Absolutely Beautiful! And one of the cleanest builds I think I’ve ever seen! Great job on the oven and base - you are going to have many, many years of use from this well-built oven… and judging from her location, it looks like your neighbors are going to enjoy the oven as well!

Remember - A well fed neighbor is a happy neighbor!

Question - Is that one of our doors that you modified or is that a custom built door? I love it! The heavy-duty handles and “A” - along w/ the rivets are the cherry on top of a beautiful oven!

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Door is my design. Fabricated for me by family in Pa. Anderson Welding. It was a little costly to ship to Florida. I just ordered a gasket from you will be adding vents. Also looking at installing a post to high the door.