New Firepit / Santa Maria Grill Build Next to Mattone Oven

After Completing my Mattone Grande Oven I started a new project, I want to have a open fire pit / removable Santa Maria grill so I can remove the grill structure and have a open fire pit, my plan was to use a piece of 1/4 inch steel as my base going across the 2 cinder block uprights, then cement the firebrick to the steel and add fire brick to the 2 sides and the back , this will create by fire box, my question is if this will work with cementing the firebrick to the steel base, I am not looking for a lot of heat retention…
and I just added the steel upper part of the over, I still need to tweak it but it keeps the smoke from coming out the front and its removable if needed


rs, could you post a picture of your removable smoke deflector? Thanks