New Oven Door Handles

I’m not sure how many of you that have had their ovens for a several years now have had the need to replace the wooden handles yet? Mine needed to be replaces so I made a new pair out of quarter sawn Sepele, a wood in the mahogany family. Sepele holds up well outside and I applied 4 coats of a exterior UV and water resistance oil based finish from Varathane. I used larger sized stainless steel fastners than the original. I also installed a stainless steel flat washer between the handle and the door face (pictured) to create a small gap to allow water not to collect and drain through. I hope this thought is helpful to others.

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Beautifully done! But I’ve come to expect that from you, @dlacroix. (And as I recall you applied your woodworking skills to building the forms for your slab…)

You might consider replacing that stainless steel washer with an insulating fiber washer. For example:

Link from Amazon

You want the contact face insulated from the very hot steel door. In my opinion that’s what is killing the handles that ship with the door kits. That particular kit will give you the four washers you need, even though you’ll have 596 or so of them available for other insulating washer jobs. :wink:

Overall I love the curves on your handles, and I’m sure they will enhance your setup!

Thanks Matt,
Great idea on the insulating washer…Thanks!

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