No Rebar on Hearth Slab

Hi, so the 5000 PSI set up so quick we were scrambling to get it poured and forgot to add the rebar. We tried to push it down into the concrete but it had already set. Anyone ever had this problem? So do we rebuild the mold and start over or can we use the one we have and keep going? We still have two other Hearth slabs to do an will not forget the rebar but wanted to see if one end slab would be okay without rebar or should we redo it? Thank you

You’re fine. Keep on Truckin’!

Now you know why we require High Strength PSI.

You could build it w/out rebar if you used 5000K PSI.

All of our ovens and bases are designed to withstand a bomb blast.

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Awesome that’s what we were hoping! So if we are being bombed run for the brick oven eh? Thank you for your quick responses on a Saturday! All done with the slabs. Onward!

Some neighbors will do anything for :pizza:!

You can always use the spare rebar grid you built to make a neighbor guard. But really it’s more fun to have them over.

Good luck with the rest of your build!

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Haha. I’ve been wondering what to do with that rebar grid. Good idea. Thanks!

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I just did the same thing! Got rebar in the first 2 slabs and forgot the last one! Used 5000 psi so hope it stays intact. Plan on putting that one in the back with it will at least have support on 3 sides.


Hope so too! The function of rebar isn’t so much to make the structure stronger. It serves to spread out stresses and thus lessen the likelihood of cracks forming in the slab. The 5,000 psi mix can handle the load with no problem.