Optimal Door Size?

I was planning to do a 17" wide x 15" high door. I’ve read about people complaining about the tight space that 17" is to work with slinging pizzas and tagines. I would rather research this now before I build the doorway tomorrow. Should I do an 18" or 19" wide door instead? The largest dish that I will be sliding inside is a 15" Paella and my peel is 14".

While the peel is 14" wide - the wood handle is not. Only about 1" or so…

So once the peel 14" wide is inside the 26" oven, you will have plenty of room to maneuver - even if the door opening width is 17".

It’s 17" vs 1"… not 17" vs 14".

Clear as mud?

Yeah clear as mud. 17” it is.