Ordering from BrickWood Ovens & Estimated Shipping / Delivery Days

First and foremost – THANK YOU for your order! Here are a few guidelines to make your ordering process easier.

  1. All BrickWood Ovens orders are shipped from Lynden, WA via FedEx Ground. It’s a small border town on the tip-top left corner of the United States – a stones-throw from Canada. And when we do throw stones at the Canadians, they usually apologize when we hit one of ‘em. They are so polite!

  2. BrickWood Ovens ships all US orders via FedEx Ground every Monday / Wednesday / Friday. We do not offer Overnight, 2-Day, Express, UPS or USPS delivery. In addition, we do not offer local pick-up or Will-Call service.

  1. Refractory materials like Castable Refractory, High-Temp mortar and/or Firebricks are shipped from our refractory partners nearest to your jobsite / location. We do not have control over the arrival day or time, but you will receive a phone call from their freight forwarder the day before your pallet(s) arrival so you can make delivery arrangements.
    Refractory Materials can take up to 12 days from the date of your order for delivery.

  2. ONLINE ORDERS ONLY. As much as we would love to personally speak with each customer, that is just not possible. Plus – having worked in 3 call centers during and after college… I vowed to never touch a phone again! Our online store is as easy to use as building one of our DIY products (Hint: It’s Super-Easy). Plus, every page on our store is HTTPS and backed with 128-bit encryption during checkout. It’s more secure than Fort Knox!

  3. When checking-out, please use ALL CAPS when typing your contact info (NAME, ADDRESS, ETC…) and double-check your BILLING & SHIP-TO information as incorrect info can lead to a delay in your order.

  4. MAKE SURE YOU DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS as we send your Order Receipt, BrickWood Box Installation Manual PDF and FedEx Ground tracking information to you via email. Also – check your SPAM folder if you haven’t heard from us within 2 hours.


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