Oven Base steps 41-42 and how long to wait between laying courses

Hello everyone! Will I need to let the bottom layer of the base cure before I add the other levels? Or should I add all levels the same day, and then just let it cure for the 48 hours. Thanks for your help!

Welcome back!

If you’re talking about the insulation layer, followed by the bricks around the edge of the slab (the “hearth frame”), I’d suggest you do the insulation, and (provided you used Perlite in the mix) allow the day it takes for it to cure before adding the brick hearth frame. You could just keep on with it, and no harm done if you mux up the insulating layer before it’s fully cured.

You do want to wait until that base layer is cured before putting sand on top of it. Sand on a wet layer will pull out moisture too quickly and interfere with proper curing. I’m thinking you’ll find that doing the insulation followed by the brick frame is a day’s work all in itself.

Hope this helps, and good to see you back!

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for responding! I’m not at that stage yet, I was asking about the five layers of 8x8x16 concrete bricks before I get to fire brick. The U shape on top of the initial concrete slab. The directions call for the longer rebar to be put in certain bricks, and I thought it may be easier if I let the bottom layer cure before adding the other four layers. Steps 41 and 42 on the directions. Thanks for the help, I’m loving all the hints and tips on here as well!

Ahhh! Thanks for the clarification.

You could let that first course of blocks rest for a bit, but there’s no particular advantage to it. The concrete in the block voids will set firm enough to hold the rebar fairly quickly, and getting a second course laid (and concrete poured into the voids) will do more for you than waiting for a full cure.

Glad you’re enjoying the forum, Matt! And as always, hoping you are able to post some photos when you can.

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Great, thanks again! I will definitely post pictures, I have been documenting the build from the beginning.