Oven Construction & Purchasing Materials during the Covid closure(s)

BUILDING A PIZZA OVEN DURING THE CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK - Like you, our family has been quarantined at home due to the Corona virus. And like you, we have a lot of extra time on our hands. Time that can be spent in your backyard… building a pizza oven with your family!

Q: How do you get pizza oven construction materials if you can’t leave your house?
A: Have all of your materials DELIVERED to your home / driveway.

On the first page of every set of BrickWood Ovens Installation Instructions, you will see a very detailed Materials List for the Pizza Oven and Pizza Oven Base. Most of these materials (especially the pizza oven base) can be purchased from your local hardware store… and almost all hardware stores DELIVER!

Mom & Pop Landscape Supply Stores -
Most of your local Masonry & Landscape Supply Stores stock most (if not all) of the materials you need to build a pizza oven. And most of these Locally Owned and Operated stores ARE OPEN and could really use the business right now. In fact, you might even ask if they can waive the delivery charge due to the recent and temporary outbreak.

Lowes, Home Depot, Rona & Larger Hardware Stores -
Our local Do It Best and lumber yards are open for business and most locations are delivering materials to home owners (and setting pallets on driveways). This way, homeowners are able to use the extra “home time” to do projects around the house w/out having to go into a store. Again, you have a detailed Materials List on the first page of your instructions. Simply send a copy of this list (or ask your rep to download a copy from our website) and your hardware store rep can take your order and have all of the materials delivered to your home (ask for free delivery).

Harbison Walker Refractories -
While there are numerous refractory dealers out there, during this time, we are going to encourage that you purchase your refractory materials at Harbison Walker International. Not only does HWI stock all of the REFRACTORY materials needed to build a pizza oven, their 30+ locations around major US cities gives you quick access to food-grade refractory materials. They have great shipping rates with local freight carriers, so you can have your refractory materials delivered. We have purchased from Harbison Walker for over 10 years - They have what you need and can have your pallet of materials delivered quickly and w/out human contact.

Pallet / Delivery Options - This page shows you the different delivery options and how to save the most money on your Pizza Oven Materials delivery. (Castable Refractory Manufacturers / Dealers & Delivery Options - Construction Materials Needed to Build a BrickWood - BrickWood Ovens)

Tools? Shop Zoro -
Surprisingly, building a pizza oven requires a few common tools. Most of which are hanging in your garage. But if you need a tool or part to finish your project, look no further than Zoro.com. Zoro is like Amazon, but specializes in distributing quality tools. Their prices are generally lower than Amazon - and they ship just as quickly. Also - you may find a pretty generous Zoro.com Coupon Code for 20% Off or More on one of those “coupon” sites.

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