Oven Door Thickness

How thick is the steel on the stock door that can be purchased with the kit ? I am going to make a custom fit door from stainless steel with vents and a thermometer and am trying to determine how thick the door slab should be.

Hey Mark, good to see you back!

Sounds like a neat project.

Just for starters, here is a link to a dimensional drawing.

I’m not well versed in this kind of drawing, so I’m a little skeptical of what I’m reading as the door thickness. (0.75 inches seems improbable to me, unless you were fabricating a safe). But I’ll take a micrometer out to my oven tomorrow and get an actual measurement.

Matt - thanks for responding. I look forward to getting your measurement.

From the drawing it looks like the 0.75" is the location of the bottom mounting hole for the handle.

I haven’t measured, but the description in the “Store” webpage lists the door as 10 gauge steel which would make it approximately 9/64" thick. That’s seems a little thicker than the door really is so I’ll be interested in measuring it myself also.

The door thickness for the pizza oven doors is 12GA.

10GA is just too dang heavy and 14GA was a little on the thin side.

They started life at 10GA, but after a few complaints from customers with sore forearms, we took the thickness (GA) down a bit.

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Just confirms that I’m not an engineer! Thanks Ken.

Thank you Kevin! Nothing like the horse’s actual mouth to get the right answer!

@mkingking, if you haven’t seen the full thread where that drawing lives, it’s worth taking a look because it’s got lots of photos and ideas from other people doing something similar to what you are planning.

Thanks everyone!