Oven temp help please

Hi, my oven will not reach the temps that some of you have? Tried today for only the second time, and after 3 hours my flooor was 475 and ceiling 700? I do remember when the people that built it for me had left over insulation? Please help,

Hello Ronig, and welcome to the BrickWood forum.

Without knowing what kind of oven you have, there are still a couple of points that come to mind.

Everyone has a little left-over insulation, because of trimming and fitting the blankets to the shell. But, if the builder had a large piece left (say, 2 foot by 3 foot rectangular section) and told you they couldn’t find a way to use it, that’s a flag.

Were you watching the build at each stage and comparing it to the written installation instructions? I’m particularly interested in how the hearth slab and its insulated section was built.

I am not saying that either of these components was put in wrong, but we do need more information to be able to help. Photos are highly useful — especially any photos you may have taken during the build. A couple of photos of the completed build, with good lighting inside the oven cavity, and maybe a photo of your oven in operation, would also help a lot.

Please post back, and let’s figure this out!

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I struggled getting my oven up to high temp the first couple times I used it also. It definitely got easier every time after. I think it just took a few attempts to get everything good and dry, and cured. Now I don’t have any trouble reaching high cooking temperature in 1,1/2 hours of heat soaking