OVERVIEW - Mattone Barile & Mattone Barile Grande Ovens

Barrel-Shaped Fire Brick Pizza Oven Kits

Oven Series – Mattone Barile

Family / Party Size -

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Primary Oven Construction Material – Fire Brick, High-Temperature Mortar

Average Cost to build Base & Oven - $1600

Average Time to build Base & Oven – 3-4 weeks with various drying / curing periods.

Benefits of the Barile Series ovens -
The Mattone Barile series oven is a UNIVERSAL oven. This means that ALL types of foods can be baked and most cooking methods can be performed in this oven model as it has a larger oven opening and taller ceiling / height.

  • Baking – Low Profile foods like pizza, pies, casserole dishes to higher profile foods like turkey, chicken, roasts and more (a customer in Louisiana baked an alligator)

  • Wood-Fired BBQ – The best-tasting BBQ is made on wood-fire… not gas or charcoal briquets. Almost every high-end restaurant in America primarily grills with all-natural cooking wood.

  • Smoking Meats and Cheeses – Easily smoke your favorite foods when you seal the Barile Series oven with the Barile Series door and our DuraTech Damper.

  • Dutch Oven Roasting – Every size of Dutch Oven on the market can be used in your Mattone Barile series oven. Even the gigantic 20qt Lodge Dutch Oven can fit quite comfortably in both oven models.

The Mattone Barile Series oven is based on a centuries old half-barrel / arch design that has been around – basically since the dawn of man. It’s a proven method of baking breads, meat… and of course, pizza!

The design of the Mattone Barile series oven is simple – simply mortar row after staggered row of 9” x 4.5” x 2.5” fire brick with high-temperature mortar on top of the Mattone Barile or Mattone Barile Grande foam form.

Once the mortar is dry, remove the foam form, wrap the oven with ceramic fiber blanket, apply a couple layers of stucco, then finish the exterior of the oven however you desire (typically with brick veneer or paint).

When building your Mattone Barile series oven, you will have option to close the front of the oven up-to 40% or to simply leave it open. The benefits of closing the front of the oven include additional heat retention and trapping smoke / forcing it out of the chimney vs. rolling out the front of oven. The benefit of leaving the oven open – you will have a lot more room to BBQ, smoke and move large objects around without the obstruction of a smaller oven opening.