Pizza Oven Directly Over Fireplace

I am about to build a pizza oven in the front of a outdoor fireplace. Can I place the chimney in the back of the oven and vent exhaust up through fireplace flute?

Hi Lars, and welcome to the BrickWood forums.

I think some more information is needed to answer your question. Are you building one of the BrickWood designs? By “in front,” do you mean you plan to close off the fireplace? How do you picture this is all going to work together?

We’d like to help, but you don’t provide enough detail in your post to suggest an answer.

Sorry it took so long to reply back I’m extremely buisy this time a year.
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The pizza oven will actually sit 4 feet above fire place floor. So most of back part of dome will be inside of fireplace flute. Bottomed and all sides of pizza oven will be covered with standard fire place brick.

The heat and exhaust will have 12" on the sides and 18" on the back to exhaust up the flute and around the pizza oven. It sounds nuts but I saw a working version of this many years ago in Tahoe. At the time I didn’t pay attention to the exhaust on the oven itself. What are the pitfalls of exhausting the oven out the back and not front

Okay - just to be clear… you are wanting to put a pizza oven DIRECTLY above a fireplace? Is this correct?

Now, I have mentioned before not to do this (as your crotch is mere inches from a roaring fire)… but I will have to admit, it does look / sound cool.

Just last month, I received several pictures from a customer that built their pizza oven directly over a fireplace - and it looks great! Functionally - I’m not sure how well it works (when they are both firing at the same time). And you are going to have to use CASTABLE REFRACTORY for the Fireplace ceiling / Pizza Oven base. Are you able to get 3" of Castable Refractory and 2" of insulation material (Perlite / Vermicuite & Portland) on top of the refractory slab?

Before we spend too much time on the topic - Is this the look are you are going for?

What is the dark brown finish of the oven and bar tops? what was the process? any feedback a year later on how the oven/fireplace combo is working?