Pizza Oven Door Handle Fastener Ideas

The fasteners holding my door handles to the door burned through and no longer work to hold the door and the handles together. This happened early in my oven learning curve, but I am still left with the dilemma of reattaching with some improved system, like ceramic bolts…?

Has anyone else faced this situation, and how did you fix it?

Hi Bill,

This is a known problem. Partly about technique as we’ve discussed in the past, and partly about design, as the original handles and their fastening system are not able to withstand a full blazing pizza fire with the door closed.

I’m working with a replacement set of door handles with ceramic stand-off washers for the hardware, which basically keep the wood away from direct contact with the steel door. So far the results are good, and the new handles are not looking scorched and ready to fall off like the old ones.

I also expect rhat @BrickWood might have some tips on this. He is always looking to improve the BWO product and I know the door is one of the “signature” elements of a BrickWood oven. We all want them to look good, and we all need them to work.

How about it, BWOveneers? Other suggests for @BillD ?

Definitely looking for ideas. Mine haven’t burned or started to deteriorate yet but I can already see signs.

I had thought about some type of copper tubing with some sort of wrap on the handles or maybe wood that is easily replaceable when necessary but curious to see what others come up with for sure!

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Just a thought - what about cutting some gasket material to fit the back of the wood handle to seperate the wood from the door - maybe 2 layers?

Sorry, automotive or engine gasket material…:cowboy_hat_face:

Good idea—a spacer between the wood and the metal. As you added, it would need to be high temp resistant. I only touched my closed door with a bare hand once…

But you are smart - me? - twice!!:cowboy_hat_face:

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