Pizza Pans in a Mattone Cupola

Hey Pizza master,

I have made 100’s of pizzas in my oven since I built 3 years ago

My sister just can not help from overloading her pizzas, as much to my chagrin.

and she hates burn crusts, I saw on one of the other posts that some people were using an alluminum pizza pan, to cook a pizza in. I hate the thought of it but may solve the problem of her poor pizza making performance. Anyone in pizza land using a 2inch deepdish or shallow alum pan for their pizza oven.
Thanks in advance

Hey Michael, great to see you here again!

Aluminum pans would work fine…maybe even a perforated pan so you get the benefit of the hot hearth without the whole load getting soggy.

If your sister really likes to load up her pie, why not go deep dish? I haven’t yet tried it, and it would mean making up a different dough, but even though I’m living in a place where the state legislators tried to make pizza the State Food this spring and they definitely meant Neapolitan Thin Crust, I’m giving it a go some day.

A quarter-sheet thick aluminum pan costs about $7 at the local mart, and it’s even made domestically. It would work fine.

How about it, pizza hounds? Anyone actually do this?

Thank Matt,
I just received my pans today, I will try them out this weekend, Ill have to learn a whole new technique for deep dish.
May help when sometimes I get the floor too hot, last weekend floor was 800, burned a few pizzas before it settled down,

Perfect temp 600?, what is the consensus.

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Never did that for pizza. Here is a picture of a focaccia bread that uses a similar technique though. (note: this one needed more rosemary)

Yes, I run the oven a bit cooler with a smaller fire, keep the pan near the front of the oven and rotate it a lot. I wouldn’t go hotter then 600. The cook time is longer, maybe 10-15 minutes because you need the slow heat to cook it through.

The picture is from when I first put it in the oven. I don’t have a picture of one that is cooked. It’s never lasted long enough for me to snap a pic…

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Ken, I believe that’s what’s called “The Full BrickWood Experience.” :joy: