Placement of Metal Door

I just finished our oven and am confused about the placement of the door. Does it slide up to the cast face or should there be stop to keep the door outside of the smoke stack?

Hi Robert, and welcome to the BrickWood forums!

I don’t see a door in your photos, so what I’m guessing you are trying to decide about ordering a door and how that will work.

The door is quite a bit larger than your opening, and is designed to slide up to the face of the oven. It has a 90 degree bend at the bottom that acts like a “foot” to keep the door standing. You can optionally add a gasket kit to seal around the opening.

This post was in the Martone Barile section but it looks like one of the Cupola cast ovens. Is that right?

And no kidding, beautiful build!! The glow from inside that oven is warming me all the way over in damp and chilly Connecticut!