Propane retrofit

Following an example I saw here, this is my retro fit after the oven was built using a Ward burner. This works well alone or as a supplement to wood.

Good to see you back, Don!

Thank you for this set of photos. I know it will be a real encouragement for folks considering a gas retrofit for their oven.

Just wondering if that Milwaukee tool you used to bore the hole is yours, or did you rent it? That would be helpful info for folks who are wondering how to punch a clean port into their oven.

Here’s to many happy bakes in your future!

Thank you so much. This looks great and was easy to follow!

The drill was just a hammer drill that penetrated the fire brick easily. I used a grinder with a masonry wheel to cut the stucco and chicken wire.

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If you are ever in New London, stop by. 860-625-5536

Thanks for the invite, Don! Before my retirement, I worked in either New London, Groton, or Waterford for maybe 15 years in varying intervals. Know the area well and love it.