Question about my Chimney


Does the chimney need to be made out of firebrick or can we use our clay brick for it? I would prefer to have the look of the chimney match the exterior brick we will be placing on the oven and there is not enough room to place them around the firebrick if we use them for the chimney. We are using full sized red clay brick for our exterior.


The bricks in and around the chimney can get close to 1000 degrees - too hot for standard clay bricks and mortar…

If at all possible, please use firebrick for the chimney, wrap it one time with Ceramic Fiber Blanket for Pizza Ovens and apply a single layer of stucco or mortar.

To get that clay brick look, simply cut off the front or back of each of your clay bricks by 1/2" to 3/4"… you now have what is called - brick veneer.

Using your high-temperature mortar, apply the brick veneer to the outside of the oven chimney. This method will only add about 3" - 4" to your chimney… not the large 9" that a full size clay brick would…

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