Rain during curing process

Does rain during the curing process effect things at all. I did my first fire last night and then it rained all night. Am I ok to do day 2 today?

Yes moisture does play a role. I cured my oven last year all good then was ready to cook. Had three days straight of rain then 3 inches of snow. All in four days. But was not going to let that stop me from cooking. Oven performed well but took longer to heat up and it cooled down to fast.

Consulted a wood oven pizza restaurant and the owner assured me everything is ok. He said he cured his oven for a month and his is inside. He also said that our ovens are outside and the humidity plays a role. He told me just to keep have small fires and bring them up to big fires regularly. And I’ll be fine.

Well he was right. I can get my oven over 900 degrees now and cook a pizza 18 inches in diameter in about 5 minutes.

You’ll be fine. Just don’t let water get in the chamber. Hope this helps.