Ran Into Another Brickwood Builder at the Brick Store Today and Cost Question

Took the instructions to the local brick store to order my thin brick veneer today. The guy next to me in line sees the instructions and asked if I was building a pizza oven. We start talking and it turns out, we’re building the same exact one via Brickwood’s Grand Barille Form. He’s building a beautiful shed/cover over his with lights. And, his brick work was perfect. I’m a little jealous! And I thought the coincidence of running into someone locally was fun.

He estimates that he’s spent about $5,000 building to date. I have my receipts but haven’t added them up. I’m probably close to $4,000. What’s everyone else’s’ cost been?

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That’s so cool! Anyone who thinks that a set of plans and a polystyrene form is going to result in a uniform, boring oven has just got to see what all of you have done with your ovens. I think this is more fun than, say, customizing hot rods, plus it bakes a much better pizza…

As to cost, I think I was close to $4,000 all in, and your cost sounds pretty typical. It would be possible to do it for less with repurposed building materials, and some folks have done that, too.

I didn’t keep track of every single purchase, I believe I’m around the 5,000 price tag as well.

It was bugging me after reading this question so I went through my receipts. I ended up just a touch over 4,000$ in total for the project.

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Glad you checked on it!

Are your costs for the oven only or are you including costs of the patio or surroundings, etc. (if you did that)

Just the oven, that includes everything I bought, special tools, screws, lumber excetra. I should say I got caught in the Covid inflation which caused prices of some things to skyrocket in my area.

About $4000 for me too.