Recipes for pizza dough and cheesy garlic knots

Coming soon! Maybe the last pizza dough recipe you’ll ever need… We created these individual pizza doughs to make ahead of time, freeze as needed for long periods, defrost inside the refrigerator for a day, let them reach room temperature an hour or so before stretching to size and then prepping and baking. I’ll share the recipe, procedure and other thoughts as soon as I get organized.


I’ve attempted to upload two recipes for your enjoyment.


Thanks for sharing these!

Pro tip: anyone having trouble with sliding a pie off the peel will find a parchment paper technique embedded in the first recipe. It’s a little tricky to use because parchment paper starts to degrade above 500°F, but with good timing and care it’s a definite winner.

is frozen dough not worse to taste?

No. It slows down the fermentation process to a crawl. It must be thawed and brought up to room temperature to revive yeast and complete fermentation. That takes time, but the effort has already been expended.


I haven’t experienced a taste problem yet and have left dough frozen for 2-3 weeks before using. Also have left the dough in the refrigerator for a couple of days after thawing with no problems. These portions will give you a nice sized thin crust for your toppings. One thing I’m learning is not to put a large amount of toppings on the crust. One type I really like is barbecue sauce on the crust with pulled pork and lots of thin sliced sweet onion.