Refractory dealer in upstate NY

Hi all! I’m in the beginning stages of building my 28" Mattone Cupola oven. After doing a lot of searching around central NY for a castable refractory dealer I found an excellent source for a great price. They are called Upstate Refractory Services,Inc. and are located in Newark,NY…I was able to have my order drop shipped to their E . Syracuse location. As all the info says you shouldn’t pay more than 35-40/bag. I was able to get Plicast Tuff-mix for $34.10/55# bag along with insulalating castable and hi temp mortar. Very happy with the service. I talked to Mike 315 331 2955.

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Hi Anthony, and thanks for the tip! @BrickWood may want to be in touch with them about being added to the map of refractory suppliers. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your build, and keep in touch!