Roof Construction Help for Mattone Barile Grande

Hello, I finished the basic construction for my Mattone Barile Grande oven and it works great. I would like to add finish brick and a roof so that it resembles the design of the “Elias” example here,

I’d like to do a metal roof on it.

Can someone give me some pointers and help in the design for the brick to support the roof structure, as well as the materials I’d need to buy?

Thanks so much,

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Welcome back Matt! And congratulations on getting your oven going. :slight_smile:

Specifics of a design are beyond my skills, but if you built the oven according to plan, you’re already well on your way. Because you have a well insulated shell, you can use ordinary brick and mortar, with all the design choices that implies. You should have enough space around the oven to lay a course of bricks surrounding it, then just build up from there. Remember to stagger your rows as you did for the barrel lining in your oven, and the concrete blocks for your base.

You might be tempted to leave a brick or two out of the little walls you are building for ventilation purposes, but don’t. There will be space inside that will beckon to creatures wanting to winter over. Since you’re doing a metal roof, any latent heat will be conducted away by that.

For the roof, it wouldn’t hurt to include a heat-rated fiberglass break between the chimney pipe and the roof. Even better: if you kept the scraps from the blanket you used to insulate the oven, you’re home free. A flange around the pipe would also be a good idea to provide some weather sealing. Look to wood stove installation guides and suppliers for that.

Love how you’re thinking about this, and hope you’ll keep us posted along the way!


Ok I am really looking to get some help framing the roof and attaching it to the brick walls that are to be built around the oven itself. Thanks

Hi Matt,

I’m looking again at the Elias oven, and while the end product isn’t all that different from the Mattone Barile you’re building, it is one of the cast designs rather than the arch of the Mattone. So again, you’re going to have to account for more of a pure arc on your sides than the Elias oven. It looks to me like they simply built exterior courses of brick straight up the sides and back, then framed a standard pitched roof. You could take the same approach, rather than worrying about attaching it to the oven in some way. Build a box around the perimeter, add an extension to your chimney pipe, and build a pitched roof.

I’m not sure what further help I can offer you. The oven design and the basic materials are standard, but how you extend the design is where your own creativity and thought come in. If you’re feeling like what you’re picturing is beyond your skills (and don’t feel badly if that’s true), that’s when you hire a mason or other tradesman to do that particular part of the job.

So, read again what I’ve written upthread, and if it doesn’t give you enough information to get started, it may be time to call in reinforcements.

I wish you the very best with your project, and we do want to know how it comes out.

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