Rope Gasket Install

I have just received my my High Temp Rope Gasket Kit. The directions with pictures show the gasket going to the edge of the center flange on the back side. The gasket I received for my MBG is to short to do that.

Dave LaCroix

Hello Dave -

You are correct!

That is To Do List #867 - Update the directions on how to apply the rope gasket kit to the pizza oven door…

You only need to apply the rope gasket on the OUTSIDE EDGE of the door… not on the bottom / flange edge as that area is not in contact w/ your oven. I still recommend running your rope gasket about 1"-2" along the bottom - so the bottom corners are nice and rounded vs. having a hard edge.

Side Note - I know you’ve sent several messages via email and I’m going to get on those this weekend!