Sealing Old Brick

Hi Everyone,
I’m planning on using a reclaimed oversized brick to cover the stucco layer. Its old brick from a factory that was torn down somewhere. I really like the look of the brick and the price was cheaper than using new brick made to look old. My question is do need to seal this brick against the elements? FYI I’m planning on a double layer of the ceramic blanket over the fire brick. The entire oven structure will be quite thick

Dave LaCroix
Branford, CT

Hi Dave,

Yes, it would be a good idea to seal those bricks. They are porous. At the top of the arch in particular there is a good deal of horizontal space that would take a pounding from the kind of rain we got here yesterday.

If you are concerned, you can try the sealing compound on the inner face of one brick to see how it sets up and cures.

That’s going to be one beautiful oven when you’re done!

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Thanks Mike, the whole family is excited and keep asking me when its going to be done! Because I’m deviating from the plans on the deck/hearth area I’m going slow.



I believe that’s what we call “whetting an appetite.” :wink:

Better to slow down a little and get it right, because the way it’s built these ovens will outlive all of us.

We’ve got a nicer day for building today!

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Thanks Matt,
Any recommendations for the best product to use?

Here’s a link, Dave, with some discussion about two different products.

What is better for your stucco - A Painted Finish? Or an Organic Water Sealant

While the original FAQ focused on stucco, it also applies to brick.

Hope this helps!


Thanks I’ll be applying a clear over brick. I also found this product that claims it absorbs and dries and does not change the appearance of the brick. I’ll have to read more about it.

Is the Micro-Seal an organic sealer?

I’m not insisting on an organic sealer to protect “Mother Earth”… I’m more concerned about protecting your ACTUAL mother! The only reason I “insist” on organic due to the toxic chemicals that are found in some masonry sealers.

And when sealers w/ toxic chemicals start to break down (when heated), they can put out some rancid fumes - that can put dear 'ol mom face down in the bowl of pizza sauce.