Securing Tall Chimney Pipe


I have a 6 inch DuraTech damper pipe and cap. I want to add a 2ft DuraTech extension. My question is, is the gasket material sold by strong enough to secure a stack this tall, or do I also need to somehow bolt the existing flange to the firebrick chimney? My main concern is that the taller stack will catch more wind so I just wanted to get feedback from folks with a taller stack.

Thanks very much!

I added an extension and have no problem with the wind. I live in a reasonably windy area with 12-20 mph winds in the evenings but I have no problems.

I added to get more draft but it doesn’t work that well for me. I still get a lot of smoke coming out the front (see bricks).


Hi @Brian thanks very much for replying. Sorry to hear that it didn’t help that much. I’m beginning to wonder if the extension that I ordered is worth it. Your oven looks great by the way!

Thanks again.

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