Securing Tall Chimney Pipe


I have a 6 inch DuraTech damper pipe and cap. I want to add a 2ft DuraTech extension. My question is, is the gasket material sold by strong enough to secure a stack this tall, or do I also need to somehow bolt the existing flange to the firebrick chimney? My main concern is that the taller stack will catch more wind so I just wanted to get feedback from folks with a taller stack.

Thanks very much!

I added an extension and have no problem with the wind. I live in a reasonably windy area with 12-20 mph winds in the evenings but I have no problems.

I added to get more draft but it doesn’t work that well for me. I still get a lot of smoke coming out the front (see bricks).


Hi @Brian thanks very much for replying. Sorry to hear that it didn’t help that much. I’m beginning to wonder if the extension that I ordered is worth it. Your oven looks great by the way!

Thanks again.

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I have a taller stack on my oven and it helps with the draft enough to make it worth the effort. It also keeps the smoke output higher and away from the the party. I added concrete anchors to my collar and it works great.