Small holes in the Castable Refractory

Hi Everyone,

I removed my foam and discovered that my refractory mix was too dry, I have holes! I am trying not to loose it, but do you think that I could patch the holes with refractory?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!


Yeow, that sounds disconcerting, Darren!

I don’t have experience with casting, but I’m sure @BrickWood will chime in on this one. And I’ll be all ears so I can be more helpful in the future.

Hope it all comes out well.

If you have some refractory left over, you can make a little refractory “paste” and press it into any holes larger than a pencil eraser (any smaller and the refractory may fall out). You can press the refractory in with a putty knife (but I just press it in with my fingers and apply pressure with my palm to press it into all the nooks and crannies).

If you are out of bagged refractory, you can use SAIRSET (in a 15lb tub) - and that is available from HarbisonWalker Intl. They can ship a tub to you via UPS for around $30 - $40 (delivered).

Keep in mind - if the holes are on the exterior of the oven, they don’t need to be patched since they will be covered w/ blanket & stucco.

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