Stainless Steel as the Final Veneer?

Trying to decide on the final look of our MBG oven. We both like the look of the stucco but are considering stainless steel for the barrel. With maybe brick veneer on the face to close off the entrance a bit. Looking for pros and/or cons. I didn’t see any SS finished ovens in the gallery and thought maybe there’s a reason against finishing off our oven in SS that we are overlooking. Any thoughts?

While there are literally hundreds for MBG ovens finished in brick and stucco on our photo gallery, there is only one that is fully clad in stainless steel - and they live about 25 miles down the road from our location.

Since we are both in rainy WA - it is a great idea to clad your oven in metal so there is zero chance of moisture entering your oven. Yes - it’s a bit of work, but the payoff is beautiful!

Stainless Steel Pizza Oven


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Thank you for finding this project for me! It is beautiful! Can’t fault the background either :city_sunrise:.
Looks like a task accomplished by someone with more welding skills than me (0%, that is). Maybe I could just do the barrel in SS and trim out the front and back with brick. Can’t wait to finish our project so we can start learning how to use our oven. Thank you again for your help, Melinda & Stephen