Stainless Steel Reinforcing Fibers in Castable Refractory

We recently purchased the 28” cupola and had a few questions about the materials that we received. Namely that the bags of metal filaments. I did not see where in the instructions we are supposed to use them. Any help is much appreciated.

Hello Ian and welcome to the BrickWood forum. And congratulations on starting your project.

Yes, the metal filaments may look mysterious. But their use is quite straightforward: they help reinforce the castable refractory mix. You’ll find them in Step 7 of the instructions.

And, don’t be mislead by the photos a couple of pages before. In demonstrating the proper consistency for castable, the model hand is bare. But your mix is going to filled with those stainless steel fibers, and so you must wear hand protection while handling the mix. The alternative is a web of fine cuts and stabs all over your hands.

Good luck with your build, and please check in with us often on your progress—and especially when questions arise.

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