Standard mortar for hearth edging okay?

Hello, I’ve just finished the hearth edging stage of my oven build. I actually decided to use solid tumbled landscape blocks for this as it will give me more of an overhang as opposed to the brick being flush with the edge. I used standard mortar for these as opposed to the high temp mortar mixture. Is this okay?!?! The oven instructions list both methods. If I’m reading the diagram correctly it looks like the bottom row of the dome firebrick barely overlap the edging so I’m thinking that the 600° temp threshold of the regular mortar won’t be reached by the time the heat makes its way through the firebrick? Hopefully I don’t have to redo this stage😅. Thanks for any info! Seth

Nah you’re fine, between the regular mortar and brick you’ll have a layer of firebrick, fire mortar and ceramic blanket. Rest easy my friend.

Hey Carlos, thanks a lot for your input! I will continue on with the build… Just picked up my firebrick, so onward and upward then!!.. Take care… Seth